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Note though that you'll have to use slowdown software (like moslo) to run some older games (Robocop 3, Mechwarrior 1, about anything that uses vector graphics).
I know that. I already have that prog.

32 would be even better, but some games (Space Hulk is one I know for sure) screw up when given above 24.
I think i have some 16 and 8 MB RAM modules lying in a drawer. could be worth a check.

About the soundcards: The compaq thing is fully sb compatible, even slightly better, but hard to get (i don't know wether mine's working)
The Roland MT-32 is probably the best - and most hard to get - midi card there was. you can use it along with your sb 16 for good sound an midi. try for example king's quest 5 or 6 in dosbox and choose the roland in the setup. you will see the difference.
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