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Default a glass cleaning game

Hi guys
there was a game that I used to play in my childhood and I can't remember its name how much I try to search for it

it was between 2000-2009 and it is a 2D game and have a very small size.

the game was about a guy who cleans glass (the Windows of the buildings).
I have to ascend and descend though the building to clean the glass and make it looks shine . It was a challenging game where I have to clean all windows as fast as I can.

The difficulty of this game because of men who try to catch me during cleaning and they also try to make the glass dirty

my game is very similar to this old Donkey Kong game:

the only differences that I can see are :
1-My game is very newer than this of course ..
2-Between these stairs there was a windows that I have to ascend and descend to clean them
3-Instead of this donkey there was a men or workers trying to catch me

That's all of what I remember. I really hope that you can help me guys
Thank you so much.

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