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I'm downloading the game right now. I'm sure i'll manage to finish it again this evening.

Review will come right after that

Tom, I figuered out that what happened was something like that, as i know that Kosta doesn't allow this things.

Is there some kind of sentence for that guy? I don't wanna be a jerk but there is possibility that he did something like that with another review (if he supplied other reviews appart from this one)

Perhaps we could open some important topic (pinned or something) asking reviewers to admit if they submitted reviews that haven't beenwritten by themselves.

I don't want to sound accusing, but there might be someone who never bothered reading the rules, so he/she thought that it would be fine to send a review that he/she found on the net. I dub there are more than just a few cases like that (if there are any at all) but i think that it is important to deal with such cases.
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