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Originally Posted by underdog View Post

worked for me?
Originally Posted by underdog View Post

not so much an error it seems, just odd behaviour: when i put in the answer to todays quiz (the correct one, yes - i realize there's two games that go by the same name, one additionally bearing the authors name...), it was marked as wrong. but after logging in again, it says "Your answer was correct and [...]" ... weird, but alright for me
I am curious about the unusual situations you mentioned earlier...

Although I happened to have answered correctly, but the system instability ended up nullifying 05 PoE in the past... Surely that was a very rare situation, but very unpleasant for me!

Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

What game was it, underdog? Are there really 2 such games on site?
I believe it was named James Clavells Shogun.
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