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Have you read the tutorial on how to run DOS-Based Games under modern (if you want to name XP that) Operating Systems?

Find them here

in short, what i'd do in your place:

- find a (free, legal) tool named D-Fend Reloaded, find the proper Version for your Operating System (32bit, 64bit, ...) and install it

- start the program

- drag and drop the swc.exe in the main window of d-fend, go thru the (wizard-aided) setup

- click on the new entry in this window

- i checked if it works on my system. its win10 pro 64, but im certain it will work on your system too. what you MAY have to do is tinker a bit with the settings for full enjoyment (sound, processor speed). but that is rather easy with d-fend

have fun, hope it works for you
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