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Lightbulb Divine Space - 3D hard sci-fi space aventure/quest ARPG lands on Kickstarter

Hello everyone!

My name is Anti A. Danilevski, I'm a producer at Dodo Games, project 'Divine Space'. Glad to meet you all!

I want to tell all lovers of old games (and I guess here are a lot of you, guys) that for some time now we’ve been making a space game —an adventure/quest ARPG in hard sci-fi genre, real-time combat and click-n-go controls.

We are developing our game for iPads and Android tablets first, but because we work with Unity3D, in the closest future we plan to make a version for PC, Mac, and Linux. We plan to develop a big MMO later, after first, single-player versions will be released.

The connection with old games follows. For some time now I have not seen any games with a quality theme. Everything is knocked together by creating beautiful effects and squeezing the most out of the possibilities of modern hardware... but about the world, the universe, the theme, the characters, and their backgrounds, they’ve chosen to forget all that. The plebes, as they say, lap it up all the same, the artwork is pretty—well, okay.

We do feel that is disastrous for games (it’s enough to look at modern Hollywood films to understand where our industry is headed). And that needs to be corrected, before it’s too late. It’s enough to compare the themes of Homeworld, Star Control II, and what’s being made today to see the reason. Therefore the idea arose of creating Divine Space—a game with a well thought-out universe, an interesting theme that isn’t a cardboard cut-out, characters with background, and so forth. You could say that this will be an old favorite game in a modern performance.

Most of all, we are trying to approach hard sci-fi, that is, to make such a world where armor does not consist of gilded strings. Example: We're building our stellar universe based on real astronomical data. Stars are where they should be, and have their real names. Colors (spectral classes), sizes, location—almost everything the way it is (as far as that is technically feasible to do).

Some screenshots from the game:

Early gameplay video:

We need support of the old-school game fans. I welcome you all to join our crew here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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