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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
Well, transferring the characters is pretty easy. Make sure all the game files are in the same folder, which would mean that:

- A game from the first trilogy of Wizardry has 3 files:
- saveX.dsk
- wizX.dsk

Where X represents the number of the game which ranges 1-5. Only forward moving is possible - you can only transfer characters from an earlier game to a later game, like from 1 to 2 - so be sure to have strong characters before you move onto the next episode.
Now comes the important part: moving your characters. I'll describe this as if you were trying to do this with Wiz1 and Wiz2. Let's pretend you have 2 separate folders for each game they're called Wiz1 and Wiz2.
First of all, go into the Wiz1 folder, and copy it's contents (, save1.dsk, wiz1.dsk) to the Wiz2 folder. Check the contents of the second folder, now it should contain the following files:
-,, wiz1.dsk, wiz2.dsk, save1.dsk, save2.dsk

Run in dosbox, ignore the screen which says you must create a scenario disk, then move to the (E)dge of Town, (U)tilities, and (M)ove characters. There you can now select the characters which you want to transfer into Wizardry 2.

IMPORTANT: the game says the characters will be imported into Wiz2 permanently, but I'm sure you can delete them if you would like to. It only means you can't export them to Wiz1 from now on.

Have fun playing the game and feel free to ask if you have further questions.
Hmmm... that's a problem. My folder contains "WIZ1.BAT" (which is a batch file for running the game), WIZ1.DSK, WIZ1.ICN, WIZ1.RES, WIZ1M.ICN, WIZ1MAKE.BAT, and WIZDOS.COM. There is no "save1.dsk," and "WIZDOS.COM" is in every game folder. It's the same thing in each folder, used for running the game. Maybe I have a bad copy?

EDIT: The download on this site is the same. It probably isn't the copy of the game I have. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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