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I never "installed" the game--it just came as a folder.

I have the two games in separate folders right now. The closest thing either one has to a disk is the ".dsk" file in each. Mounting that doesn't really do anything.

Each folder contains a batch file that I can use to run the game. When I run Wizardry 1, the characters show up when I try to transfer them. I assume that the game acts as though the Wizardry 1 disk is inserted. I just need to know how to "insert" the Wizardry 2 disk... unfortunately, DosBox doesn't support swapping floppy disks. I might be able to tell it I have two disk drives, though.

When I attempt to transfer characters, here is the process:

The game first says "insert the source disk into drive 1." I don't do anything, but after pressing enter, it brings up the list of characters I have in Wizardry 1. Like I said, it must be acting as though I have the disk inserted. It then says "insert the destination disk in drive 1." This is where I get confused. If I press enter without doing anything, nothing happens. It says "[character] was transferred." I assume it must be transferring the characters from Wizardry 1 to Wizardry 1. I don't know how to get it to work with other games.

Any help?
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