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Default Terminator 2029, The [Bethesda]

Hi. :bye: I was searching the game Terminator:Skynet all over the net for year or two maybe.I found and the other parts,too.And if i have to choose I will play only the last game /Skynet/from Bethesda`s Softworks series - The Terminator.I`m sure many of you played these game.The only thing I found in internet was the game with everything else,but the cutscenes /which is the coolest thing/and the higher resolution 640x480.Now I have all parts.The Terminator ; The Terminator - 2029 ; The Terminator - Rampage ; The Terminator - Future Shock and The Terminator - Skynet /the best/ .As I said the last two are not full.
If anyone knows where to find at least the last part in full version - PLEASE,PLEASE tell my.
IT would be great if this cool site place it in the Action section.
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