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Post Goofy robot wolf in the woods adventure game I am sure I played about 15 years ago

Hello! I am looking for a videogame for Windows I played around 2005. I believe it was published in the late 90's but I don't know. Anyway that's what I remember:
-it was a CD-rom for windows

-the protagonist was a wolf. I think the wolf was a robot and I also think it was blue

-the graphics were 3D and funny

-the goal was to make the right choices to cross the woods

-you play only with the mouse

-it was a choose-a-path game: different obstacles would appear and you had to choose the right option to survive each time. After every choice, a cutscene would occour showing what happens. For example, I remember that one of the possible encounters was a hunter who shot a gun with a living goofy projectile with big eyes. You could choose to: A) sing a song B) stay still C) (something else).
choose A) and the projectile would be moved to tears and leave you alone
choose B) you get shot! (even dying was goofy and funny in the game)

-I believe it was a short game. I think you just had to make the right choice 3 or 4 times to win the game.

-I don't know if this is important, but I believe the game language was Italian (in the version I played at least)

This is probably a very niche game that very few people played, but maybe you can find it (I couldn't)
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