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Phew! Whew! I think I should have listed the vast majority of Comics I had in mind.

I may have forgotten to list a few of them, but I do not believe that.

Also, as I mentioned, it may be that some of the Listings are just average, but I’ve listed them because they have a different or unusual plot even if they have fan services. *shrug*

I may also have repeated, in a few times, the Titles listed before. *shrug*

Well, of course, these Comic Lists I wrote are the ones I liked, although Personal Tastes may have changed over time. And my Personal Tastes changed, but even so, I decided to list the ones I liked back when I was a crazy otaku.

You can consider these lists only as a Bibliographic Reference.

If I make next Comic Lists, it may take time, as new Comic Titles will be released that deserve to be mentioned.

Well, that’s it, folks! Have a good reading! And I hope you have fun!
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