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Let me give some suggestions:
- New 52 Swamp Thing is something very cool
- if you can find some Arm of Kanon manga, they are cool. Too bad they are protected by electric fence and dogs and shark pools, so only secondhand printed copies exist
- from Uncanny X-men I have a favourite era: from where the team first time meats Forge,and finishes with the entire X-men annihilated (The Fall of the Mutants -> Broken Star)
- Marvel Zombies is usualy good
- DC's Lucifer (first volume) was interresting
- if you know a bit about Spawn, I can suggest Hellspawn, what takes place on an alternate timeline from the point Spawn beaten Malebolgia/conquered Hell (so there's not thatstupid Satan/God/MotherOfAll crap)
- Angry Birds vs Transformers (or whatever the exact title) was hilarious
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