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Just to the stress the importance of backing up and also creating a separate directory to prevent viruses spreading. Please always if possible mount into a separate directory like above.

For instance if you have downloaded a zip program and it has the folder miscdos then just copy that miscdos to your c:\ drive. Then mount like so:

mount c c:\miscdos
cd miscdos
dir /w/p

The cd stands for Chand Directory to
dir stands for Directory (content)
/w stands for wide
/p stands for pause each fullscreen

Once the dir shows you all the programs you just need to find the one with the exe at the ending. Sometimes you need to experiment until you find the right exe to start. Usually it is something obvious like the game name or part of the game name. Other times it is Install.exe or Setup.exe or Start.exe etc. Something along that long anyways.

Don't worry you have a separate directory instead of your c:\ root directory so the virus cannot spread outside of the miscdos directory. That is how DOSBox 0.74 works.

Thank you God.
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