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Well I was able to win the game just put the money in the right place.
Feel free to post a walkthrough! That's more than I've managed to do, playing normally or cheating.

How did you modify the savegame?
Well... (sigh, had to download and run the useless .... in dosbox now, for the 1st time in at least 16 years. It still sucks. And the interface is totally useless! But I noticed the credit screen, at least now I have some people to mail, asking "Why?".) First of all I gave myself unlimited money, think that's either assets or reserves. Seems to start around offset $095E in a "new" savegame (ie, save it as soon as the game starts). I think I also played around with other variables, but can't remember exactly what. The savefile is pretty straightforward though, the only odd thing is that every value is saved twice for some kind reason.
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