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Default [SOLVED] Can''t execute Terminator Future Shock


I have used dosbox in the past without any issues, however, I have never done so with a .img file.

Today I tried for the first time and got as far as installing the game but when I try to then run the .exe file that was installed in the directory I am receiving the following error:

"Make sure the TFS-cd is in your drive and ready."

Here's a rundown of everything so that you can understand exactly what I have done:

The file path where the game is installed:

C:\Program Files\DOSBox\Games\Terminator

To initially install the game:

mount c c:\progra~1\dosbox\games\terminator
imgmount d c:\progra~1\dosbox\games\terminator\terminator.img -t iso

The game installer then started and I selected "soundblaster 16" as the sound card. Tested the sound and it was good.

I was then brought back to the dosbox interface.

I then used the following commands like I do with all my other games to start them:

mount c c:\progra~1\dosbox\games
cd termin~1

That's when I then get the error and do not know how to proceed.

I have done a ton of googling and can't seem to find the solution.

I have read the "60 seconds guide to dosbox" several times as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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