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Originally Posted by Frodo423 View Post
I've played this game since I was in grade school. I still have the original CD ROM that my parents bought for me (hence me being able to play it on my Mac). I've read the whole thread, and I'm hoping I can answer a couple of questions.

1) The elf in Lorien with the "greatest enemy of all" question. I got this right once. It was either "oneself" or "myself" or "self" or something like that.

2) Character death/ disappearance is avoidable for the most part. In Bree, Bill Ferny does not take my pony. In Moria, Gandalf doesn't die. The only time I actually lose someone is right outside Moria, when the storyline takes the ring bearer (I don't particularly mind since he really isn't my best muscle). To avoid changes like this, save your game before you get to the event point. Right before you encounter the Prancing Pony, or the Balrog, dismiss the key character i.e. Pony, Gandalf. Once the event has passed, re-recruit them. In the instance of the Balrog, all I did was have Gimli use the Golden Wheel (which doesn't kill the Balrog but just lets you escape). I then creep my fellowship back into Moria, and re-recruit Gandalf (and being careful not to get too close to the Balrog).

3) The glitches in the games are annoying to say the least. Some of them you have to be incredibly careful about. For instance, my fellowship heading into Moria consists of only Frodo, with Gandalf, Gimli,Legolas,Boromir,Aragorn. Instead of the other 3 hobbits, I insert Hawkeye, Glorfindel, Elladan, and Elrohir (total of 10). With Hawkeye, Elladan, and Elrohir, once I dismiss them, I can no longer re-recruit them. I don't know if this is a glitch just for my game or a glitch for others. But you have to be careful.

4) With Hawkeye's cave I was able to go in there before I met him. So I was able to collect everything from the chest and still not have him die.

5) There is supposedly a glitch when finding the Torc of Maladin in the hole in Bree. After the first jump, if you go any further to the east, an error occurs. What I do is walk up with the keypad as far as I can, and then move east. I save my game right before it so in case it doesn't work, I don't have to keep crawling down the hill, equipping the torch, etc. You still should be able to acquire the torc this way.

I have others, but i'm in the process of a playthrough. If I can think of any more I will post them.

Originally Posted by arete View Post
I'm now going to imagine a terrible joke about Gandalf, the Nine Walkers and a ring of Great Power. If I elucidate, I could well be permabanned for emotionally scarring the children.
Wow! I never imagined that Iron Lady had two smileys! Not to mention the three holy and sacred legendary artifacts...

I also would never imagine that (Mi)Lady of the Rings had a clone (Frodo 423)...

I’ve never played this game, but if you like LOTR in other genres like Action, Adventure, you could try out the Lego LOTR game.

At first, I found it dull and “childish”, but the game has characteristics that set it apart from the vast majority of Lego games: possibility to explore and visit places, find treasures, solve side quests, etc.


In my opinion, I think that Lego LOTR is the best game in the Lego franchise. Obviously this is merely a personal opinion.

The musics, the cut-scenes, the story, all were drawn from the LOTR trilogy.

There had also been a spin-off of LOTR called The Hobbit. But with the introduction, or rather, the modifications of commands, different from LOTR and also from the lower plot in relation to LOTR, may disappoint your players...

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