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Exclamation How to use DISKPART to mount a .VHD file (With Screenshots)

Ok, so to beginners, this will look sorta Complicated, but trust me when I say that it's easier than it looks.

Shoutout to "zirkoni" for telling me about this method

Ok lets get on with it, shall we?

Step 1: Opening "command prompt"

Simple enough, right?

Step 2: Navigate to "C:\WINDOWS\System32" and run "DISKPART"

Again, simple enough. just use these commands:

"cd .." x2
"cd Windows"
"cd System32"
Sorry for the cluttered desktop BTW, I'm a heavy user.

Now one of 2 things should happen:

If you ran 'Command Prompt" as an Administrator, "Diskpart" should start in the command prompt window without any hassle.

Or if you ran it normally, you'll get a UAC or "User Account Control" window pop-up asking if you want to let DISKPART make changes to the disk... and then DISKPART should run in a separate window.

Step 3: Selecting and Mounting the .VHD file
This is where is can look complex, but it's really easy if you've done it before.

Now I'm gonna use my newly created Windows 98 VHD in the "Virtualbox VMs" folder. Ok, my name is Carter Nugent, and I'm only telling you this because I'm sick of having to make sure my name is censored in every screenshot.
Anyways, use this command to select the VHD file:

select vdisk file="c:\Users\{Username}\VirtualBox VMs\Windows 98 SE\Windows 98 SE.vhd"

And now it should say "DiskPart successfully selected the virtual disk file",
now from here all you need to type is:
attach vdisk
And your VHD should appear as any other drive (for me it actually popped-up as it was attached).

and you're done, that was easy right?
again, special thanks "zirkoni" for telling me this method .
If anything in my posts confuses you, lemme know either by PM or my email ( and I'll clarify...

And yes, my name is Carter Nugent, not a big deal, right? it's just annoying having to censor my name in every screenshot...
also, my avatar is my Minecraft skin... it's a shoutmon.

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