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Originally Posted by arete View Post
Perhaps someone has a savegame they can give to you? Or is the version one that can be reinstalled from a different souce, such as perhaps?
Thanks for the reply (gosh, it's quiet in here). I went ahead without the miruvor and did alright.

*Spoilers Ahead*

And the bugs just keep on coming! I thought I'd warn everyone about two more issues I encountered today. If anyone would like to comment on them, please do.

After finishing with Moria, I prepared for Frodo (my Ringbearer) and Sam's imminent disappearance. I traded all of their valuable items (except the One Ring, obviously) to my other party members so I wouldn't regret anything later. Later on, when I needed to dig up the scabbard for Galadriel's quest, I realized I'd left my shovel with Frodo when he got whisked away. The game wouldn't let me dig with the pick or Durin's Pick, so I needed to backtrack and obtain a new shovel. I walked all the way back to the Gorthad cavern, where I could grab a shovel without spending any silver pennies. The problem occurred while walking back east (where the map changes from the East Road to Bree). When I tried to cross over east, I got the message, "You have lost the Ring. You cannot proceed until you have recovered it", followed by "Pippin Took is dead". Every subsequent attempt to exit eastward would repeat the above, killing off yet another member of the Fellowship. Restoring an earlier save, I discovered that this doesn't happen when I leave the eastern edge of the Bree map. Luckily, I was able to buy a shovel in Bree and return to Lorien without incident. Moral of the story: make sure you relieve your Ringbearer and Sam of the shovel before they disappear to Dol Guldur.

While on the topic of Galadriel's quest, I encountered the same problem mentioned in the walkthrough. After getting all five quest items, Galadriel did not reward me the stats boost. This is basically a repeat of my earlier problem with returning the black cloaks to Elrond. I tried giving all five items to a single party member, approaching/asking/trading to Galadriel and her flet guard: nothing worked. Although the stats increase isn't really essential to finishing the game, it's still maddening to not be rewarded for my troubles. Has this happened to anyone else?
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