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I'm baaack..

Ok, so I'm not the only one who noticed the religious theme that pervades certain games in the gaming industry. I guess I think it's insane when some people go all crazy and nuts over a religious game and stuff.

Yeah...and Christian games DO tend to be quite annoying too! I think the main problem with many of them is that they tend to "copy" other people's ideas almost to the point of copyright infringement (ie Super 3D Noah's Ark [Castle Wolfenstein clone, anyone?]) How about Spiritual Warfare where you run around in a park, throwing fruit at "heathens" and demons pop out of their head or when the end boss (the devil) gets defeated by a cluster of exploding grapes?

Overall, I'd say that Nacah, Saints of Virtue, and Captain Bible are, so far, games that I'd give a good recommendation to.

Originally Posted by _r.u.s.s. View Post
how the hell does myst teach hinduism or buddhism
myst had absolutely none religious tones

and might and magic/simmon the sorcerer teaches "witchrcaft"? please..
witchcraft is not even religion, it was made up in fairy tales, as which are the games also supposed to be taken

you could grab any children's book, for example three nuts for cinderella, and say it TEACHES WITCHCRAFT OMG
Will get back to you on that...

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