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Originally Posted by marko river View Post
@Mystvan: So if you have some tracks that abandonia is missing, please offer them
Dear Grand marko River . I could ask for Tracker [who is hung(a)ry for tracks], Grandmaster Spectre(man) whose spectral vision can see what goodies can or cannot be uploaded on FTP. Or I could also ask the great Emperor Japo(deis) , but as he has already pulled my ears, they are still in (S)pain . I do not want to go back to being “Dumbo” or “Topo Gigio” again.

I have another suggestion. I stopped organizing my files. Since I’ve been pretty busy lately, I will be able to rearrange it slowly and post it in my thread about Myst’s Offers. If someone gives a green light, I start uploading the files on Dropbox / FTP sharing them via link sent via PM. What do you think of this idea?

Wow! My text looks like a torrent (river) of words, right?

Originally Posted by tienkhoanguyen View Post
I like the part where you say that you try to talk to your friend and when you leave the house and come back he is friendly again. hehe That is like me. A girl talks to me and when she leaves the house and comes back I appreciate her more. I am stupid like that when I don't know what I have in my hands then when I lose whatever then it is back I know to keep it a secret to myself next time hehe
Wow! How nice! Captain Bible applying in real life what you learned from games. You just cannot go back in the same scene, okay? Flashback? Phases / Episodes/ Chapters by Passwords? Auto-Save? Aha! Back to the Past! Hi Marty!

By the way, I also do it. Did you see my signature? Games teach things you cannot even imagine...
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