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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
One curious thing is that some non non hostile NPCs known or not can be destroyed and reborn again. I remember when I attacked a friend NPC, he did not die. And when I decided to talk to him, he did not want to talk to me. But when I leave his house, I go in and try to talk to him again, he is friendly again.
I am sorry for my grammatical errors, it could be that I was very sleepy at the time...

My piece of text has already been corrected and is more understandable now:

Some friendly and hostile NPCs can be destroyed. If they are destroyed, they can revive as soon as you leave the room and return. Plus you earn some extra money. Indestructible NPCs are not destroyed, but they hold “grudges” when you attack them. For example, you meet your friend at his house and start attacking him. He does not die but refuses to talk to you. When you leave and return, your friend’s affability has returned. It is good that he has an elephant’s memory (pardon the pun, dear Grobos).
I considered Twinsen funny by his attitudes:

• Hurt the head on the wall;

• Aggressive Mode had a very clumsy gait and a grunting voice;

• Discreet Mode stretched leg (I think) and was not inconspicuous;

• When Twinsen got important objects, he did a very funny choreography by shaking and alternating his arms.

Originally Posted by marko river View Post
In the begining I actually liked the fact that you get hurt when running into wall. It's not something you would find in American games even back then. Wasn't that much of a problem once you just get used to it. Second games changed this in favour of more commercial approach, so you could could keep running on the same spo if you are at the wall already which is what you would expect from a video game, but first part was at least different. Anyway, great games regardless. I especially loved in the first game when you land with rebels and attack the baddies.

@Mystvan: So if you have some tracks that abandonia is missing, please offer them
Dear marko river. I can even upload, but it has some problems:

I could not access FTP at the time and have not tried it anymore. I can upload via Dropbox, but the file size is smaller then it could be available on FTP.

I do not know if it would be allowed to upload soundtracks from games like LBA2, MOO2, WC Privateer, etc. since Abandonia does not have the games or at least have the available reviews (with download unavailable).
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