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I remember when I first discovered this game, I was very impressed with the features such as the graphics, the background music (I have the musics more complete than those of the Abandonia collection and neither did make them available as Extras).

One of the few things I disliked was that Twinsen could get hurt if he bumped his head against the wall while running and you could not stop in time.

One curious thing is that some non non hostile NPCs known or not can be destroyed and reborn again. I remember when I attacked a friend NPC, he did not die. And when I decided to talk to him, he did not want to talk to me. But when I leave his house, I go in and try to talk to him again, he is friendly again.

Now, some hostile NPCs, especially Grobos (Elephantoids) can be “indestructible” no matter how much you attack them.
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