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Default Our Lost Hope

~Our Lost Hope~

One of the best things everyone knew
Wishing on a star to make their dreams come true
In times when I don't know I have a heart
The true meaning of friends can really make a start.

The dreams of one must praise our independence
but everyone knows our destiny is only a coincidence
Our own story is about to be embraced
from the hardships we had faced.

My own way to be popular was to know you
So I could really be good as new
The truth will come as moments pushed fine
When the world seems better in time.

I believe we will change the world on Halloween.
We want another! Alice I hear ya baby!
(Please don't confuse Halloween with the Imperial Galactic Wars V, I have no idea why.)
We remember the chaos - that the RV Empire was destroyed. MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU!

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