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Default The Neverending Wish

~The Neverending Wish~

A peaceful and undying love which is right
I had wished for a new life
And a story that falls under certain reasons
they are fine choices for every person.

Worlds change but the end never really comes
even the days pass by, they are waited by some
Our hopes and dreams will take our spirits higher
The days of a new life will forever be brighter

Sometimes there are reasons why we should wait
Our destiny lies into one realized state
My friend, I am so proud of you,
I am good, I am true.

Young people know these stories for generations past
I wish someone may hold me forever last
Even I would take over my friend's place
I would give my loved one my loving grace.

Now the time is near and we had once
A life waiting to be found in a matter of months
Now's the time to know what's in our hearts and minds
It is why we think from the others behind.

I believe we will change the world on Halloween.
We want another! Alice I hear ya baby!
(Please don't confuse Halloween with the Imperial Galactic Wars V, I have no idea why.)
We remember the chaos - that the RV Empire was destroyed. MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU!

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