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Default Win 9x-era Turn Based Space War Game

Trying to find an old Windows game. I can remember it coming packaged on one those CDs that advertised so many games for kids, around 1998-2000?
It would have been running on either Win95 or Win98.
It was a space warfare game, turn based with a square grid played top-down. You built your ships at starbases and upgraded your technology to get different kinds of ships. The spaceships all kind of looked a bit like glass cola bottles but grey. The graphics weren't all that great, the grid background was just a starfield with the occasional nebula or weirdly shaped galaxy (sombrero anyone?) thrown in there.
You played against a computer and their ships were distinguished from yours by having more square/cube shapes and yours were kind of round?
You won the game by finally blowing up their last starbase.
Hopefully you guys can help.
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