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I'm trying to track down an old Windows PC game. We're talking mid-late 90s.

The game was a turn-based sports sim, set in the distant future. It's semi violent American-football variant (which should remind you of Speedball and Bloodbowl, but this isn't either of those). You have to manage your team through a tournament and league, equipping players with various types of gear in a manner very similar to x-com's old inventory/doll systems.

Your team was composed of various alien races - quick little toad-things, big hard (orange?) fighting things, humans, and possibly something else. Players could receive injuries, so you had to manage the health of your squad carefully. I believe fatalities were possible.

The game featured a spiked ball which you had to pick up and carry to some destination to score points. Hazards like lava pits and spikes were strewn across the levels.

I don't really remember the interface or menus at all. The game proper was a 2D tile-based map in which you'd move your characters. I think the graphical style was slightly cartoony.

I was rubbish at it

If it helps to set the scene, this would have been running on an old pentium PC. It would have been windows 95/98 (more likely 98). I will have only had a shareware or demo copy (played to death). I know I also played the Settlers II demo at the time (although I have no idea how contemporary it was then). I was playing shortly before the Men in Black movie tie-in and the first Age of Empire were released (I clearly remember both games coming out).

I'd love to track this game down again - does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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