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Well since this is kinda long I'm going to unofficially type inside your original quoted reply below. I'm sorry if I'm the wrong person however Thank you for responding since I haven't heard anything in like months and that is not too long compared to years ago.

Originally Posted by LianneJW1912 View Post
So I'm here because I'm interested in writing some articles/generally helping with the writing or producing of Abandoned Times (funnily enough).

I've seen "defender of Anarchy and arÍte and Mr. Japo etc." are some of the people on staff so they might be able to answer. They have fallen quiet because I have been talking a bit and so they do not know what to make of it. So the squeaky wheel gets the oil type deal. The easiest way to reach the audience is start your own thread in my opinion and just upload your content or put a link to your content right in the thread like Smiling Spectre says. He is also a supermod.

I've seen some forum posts from 2017, so I know some people are still enquiring about production of the magazine, but most of the responses I have seen have been mere conjecture, or several years old, and I've found little concrete evidence on the progress on, or indeed even the existence of, Issue 4 :P I just wanted to know what the situation was and who to discuss the eZine with, seeing as there seems to have been a change of editor since the first issue, which I was lucky enough to read when it first came out as a mere 12 year old (so I am something of a young gun, yes :P )

I'm guessing it is hard to gauge readership so the official work to the magazines might have fallen off for fear of people not being interested. However in my experiences there is just not enough people bold enough to voice their feelings. So the authors think there is no further interest and stop.

I would also be interested in contributor's opinions of expanding outside of DOS, as is the scope of the website, for the magazine; incorporating things such as the Amiga line of computers, something very dear to retro computer gamers of the UK, or the Atari ST etc. It may also be a good idea to recognise the nature of the eZine and how articles are produced, and opt for a smaller, more concise format: Say 20 to 30 pages, which would likely allow for an easier production and more output. If we were to take this model, for example, and apply it to the current magazines, there could have been a total of 5 - 7 issues to show for everyone's hard work, which certainly looks more appealing for potential readers.

If you look at a PixelTHING's production shown every Sunday on here you will find that he produces everything from DOS to XBOX and PS4 etc. So I am guessing if you are the author in charge then you will be able to do it your way.

Another question I have was the readership of the magazine. It was mentioned in the editorial of Issue 3 that the readership was, and I quote, "[smaller] than an obscure doujinshi at the Comiket". Do we have rough figures for that? Downloads, number of different users, etc? Just out of interest more than anything else... What is the status of the magazine with contributors? How many do we have, how many articles come from the editor and how many come from other people?

I know when I first see the opening pages of the forum the first thing I look for is new content. So I suggest keeping it manageable and frequent to catch the reader's attention.

SO many questions, I know, it must feel like playing 20Q, but I'm very interested in the magazine and helping to make it better, where I can. It's been a real influence on my growing up, and made a huge change to the games I've been interested in as I moved to adulthood. Where others of my generation got excited over the new games on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, I was hunched over my desk, violently tapping my keys in frustration trying to get DOSBox to work! There's been some fantastic work put into this magazine over the years, and I think there's still more to give. Sorry that this got so long, it wasn't supposed to happen haha



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