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I've found the original version of JetFighter by Velocity Development (1988) on my old hard drive. This game isn't on Abandonia yet, and I was going to add it. However, I haven't been able to get it to work in Dosbox nor Windows XP, as the game freezes after the title screen. The helpfile for JetFighter says that if this occurs, then to boot the computer from an original DOS diskette, since it requires three files, COMMAND.COM being one of them, and JetFighter does not run on "impure" versions of DOS. Unfortunately, I'm a Dosbox newbie (most advanced thing I've done with it is take screenshots), so does anyone know how I might get it to work, or what I should try to reconfigure?

Although this game isn't on Abandonia yet, I can upload it at any time if any Abandonia guys want to take a whack.
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