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Question [The Fifth Horseman] Dungeons of Kairn

alright, i am looking for a game i played on an old dos 286 system, I had the shareware edition that came on 5.25" floppy disk it was:

late 80's
ega graphics
you created a party of 5 characters to explore the areas
you left town to a top down view.
there was a castle you couldn't enter in shareware
there was a graveyard/dungeon that when you entered it went to 1st person with a 2d map view that filled a you explored. I believe it was 9 levels in the dungeon.
it is not a gold box game
when you entered combat you it went to a yellow background where your characters were red and the enemy was black.
you could fight dragons wyverns and zombies.
I think it was champions of K____ or dungeons of K____
again it is not gold box i played all the gold box and it was a totally different engine
I have checked every abandon ware/dos site i can come across and have never found it. I would greatly appreciate any help finding it. shareware or full would work or even a name to get me started
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