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Default Extracting terrain & other graphical assets from classic Colonization

I still haven't tried Treasure Fleet yet despite buying it sorry haha.

However as for the Indian issue looks like I've finally got my answer!

This fellow was able to take control of the Indians via a hex editor however it was sadly unplayable! This must have been what 'EdBigHead' did way back in the day. I'll have to follow his guide and have my own play around.

Got a new problem though lol...

Does anyone here have experience with extracting graphics from the original Colonization? I've been discussing this over at CivFinatics here:

I'd love to get my hands on both the ColDOS graphics and also the enhanced (often higher resolution) ColWin graphics assets as I and some others have been thinking about trying to make a classic Col style Graphics mod for the excellent FreeCol project (since it's graphics aren't always everyone's cup of tea lol).

Over at CivFinatics it's looking like the Dos version situation is under control and we can extract everything, however no one has had any luck getting into the 16bit dll files that ColWin uses to store its assets in.

If anyone thinks they can help with this please let me know!

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