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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
Tempting indeed, and now discounted at 4 €... It looks really interesting, but there's not much information, like I could see in a let's play. From what I see, one weak spot is the sound and music. And the graphics are high-res versions of early 90s graphics, but that's good for us.

I wonder how this compares with FreeCol. For me the original Colonization was perfect, except that you could easily exceed the 640 kB memory when you expanded a lot and created many units, and the random combat resolution was too crazy.
I decided to buy it but haven't tried it yet. Yeah I tried to find let's plays too but had no luck. I might do a video review of it on my youtube channel once I've tried it. I think I saw someone post on reddit that it had good music, but yeah nothing can beat Jeff Briggs's original Colonization soundtrack, it's easily one of the best video game soundtracks ever made, I love it so much.

I played FreeCol a year ago (using their latest nightly release betas instead of the old 11.6) and loved it. The vanilla game plus some of its mods add a lot of quality of life improvements to the gameplay and there some great bonus features I enjoyed (8 nations, huge custom maps, forest planting, better combat calcs, train indian converts to colonists, more advisors, better indian trading & village info, and more I'm forgetting). I doubt this 1 man project can rival them for that but ya never know. A talented modder recently posted a new mod for freecol on their sourceforge forums that adds 4 more European nations to the existing 8 meaning you can now have 12 player Colonization games on huge maps with extra indians. Dream come true for Col fans like me that like super sized games!

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