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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

Second link is needed manual. It exists in typed form, and matching PDF you linked, Mystvan
Ummm... I know very well it is Bump (I am sorry for this ), but it is just for you, Grandmaster Spectreman, be aware if notified of my new post. *shrug*

Yes, I agree with you that the Text version of the Manual is the same as the PDF version of the Manual.

However, there are small but fundamental differences between these 02 versions of the Manual.

It is something similar like the Seven Errors Game (Twinsens Capotain *salute*, Japodeis and Paco ). The Text version is British while the PDF version may be American.

Another key difference would be that the British version clearly shows that it is the Background Manual while the PDF version is not explicit on this matter (the key word Background Manual).

Another difference would be that the Helpful Hints of the British version is more complete than the PDF version.

There may well be other differences, but I did not try to look for them.
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