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Alright... let's see...
  • Monuments of Mars
    1991 game by Apogee. As far as I know, this game is abandoned - and we would like to accept it
  • Tear Down the Wall
    1990 game by Langin Software. Also abandoned.
  • Graphics Adventure Builder
    I don't know anything about this one. Could you give me some info?
  • Mirror Maze
    Again a game I know nothing about. Info please. :bleh:
  • 3D Maze
    And another one... hehe
  • Moria
    I feel I am starting to repeat myself here, but info please?
  • ADOM
    Exist both on Abandonia and Abandonia Reloaded.
  • Son of Stagefright
    Another game I don't know anything about.
  • SeaHunt
    And again... Wow! Lots of unknown games here. Marvellous! :w00t:
  • Carwash
    I can't find any info about this one, either. :[img]' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='laugh.gif' />
    If this is the first version, then we don't have it on the site - but seeing as it is a freeware game, it would be more suitable for Abandonia Reloaded.
  • Aldo's Adventure
    Made by Yahoo Software in 1987. This game is Shareware, though. So if you are going to submit it - you have to make sure it is the full version, and that it doesn't just stop after a while, or is simply missing some levels. The game itself is abandoned, so we can accept the full version.
  • Junglejack
    I can't find any info on this one, either.
  • Bigrig
    Info please
  • Leaper (aka Frogger)
    Already on Abandonia.
  • 4D Prince of Persia
    Made by Terebilov K.A. in 1994 - this game is freeware and should be placed on [url=[/url].
  • Hogbear 2
    I have no info on this game.
  • Sint
    I don't know anything about this one, either.
  • Pinball Games I
    We do have a lot of Pinball games on the site, but no-one with that name. Nor can I find any info on that title.
  • RoboMaze II: The Lobby
    A 1992 game from MVP Software, and is also abandoned.
  • F19 Stealth Figher
    This game was made by MicroProse in 1987. Although the company is ESA protected, I think it should be ok for us to host it. But you can nevertheless upload it. If we figure out the risk is too big, (after the admins have discussed it), we simply won't update with it.
  • Dinosaur Designer
    You say it's not a game, but could you give some more info? Because I don't have any info on this at all.
  • Risk II
    Made by Atari for Windows in 2000 - a definitive no go.
  • Cubeaz
    More info please. I draw a blank :bleh:
  • Tank Warz
    Another blank, I'm afraid.
  • Microsoft Best Of Entertainment Pack
    Made for Windows 3.X and consists of:
    • Tetris
      We already have one Tetris game on the site, and since this is Microsoft (an ESA member) it will probably not be worth it. Sorry.
    • FreeCell
      Got to love FreeCell, but it is still Microsoft, and I have this suspicion you're going to need Win 3.X to run it.
    • Pipe Dream
      We have a Pipe Dream game on the site, made by LucasArts. So we probably won't need another one - especially not one made by another ESA company.
    • Chip's Challenge
      Already on Abandonia, and without the fear of Microprose.
    • Taipei
      Don't know anything about that one.
    • Tut's Tomb
      Or that one...
    • Rodent's Revenge
      Or this one...
    • TriPeaks
      Nor this one...
    • Golf
      We do have some golf games on the site - without the fear of Microprose, so it's unlikely that we want this one.
    • SkiFree
      Fun little game, but you need Win 3.X to play it.
    • JezzBall
      No idea...
    • Dr. Black Jack
      Not a clue.
    • TetraVex
      Still no clue...
  • VGA Roulette
    I don't know anything about a game with that name, I'm afraid.
  • DOMM 2D
    A freeware game made by Prikol Software in 1996, should go on [url=[/url]. And we need it there (Actually tried to get it myself).
  • Elevator
    Another freeware, this time made by Wordworks Software in 1986.
  • Hunt
    Could you tell us something more about this game?
  • Amaze
    Please give us some more info k:
  • The Hobbit
    1983 game by Beam Software, we love to have it.
  • Yet Another Tetris
    I don't have any info on this one.
There you go
ViGERP AKA what I have been working on these last couple of years...
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