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There're usually more reasons than just reviews-to-come as to why some games don't make it up...
I don't think that games like the Text Adventures are high on the list of priorities. Spy vs Spy series, for example, is also another one that may not be as popular.
But Dungeon Hack certainly needs a home here.

I don't know how many people go through the submission threads looking for games to review. I use both people's threads and the main list of games needing review along with browsing other discussions.

It seems that there are loads of great games waiting to go up that are waiting for a review before the updaters can work their magic.

btw, Vanshilar - do you have the original box for Dungeon Hack?
Just the boxshots I've found are very low quality... I don't think they'd be very good to use.
Geezer's (happy birthday, Geezer!) usually the person who's best at hunting down good quality images and boxshots from the web, but you may have the original to scan..?

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