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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post

Well, “original” programs such as Adobe Reader and Internet Explorer (aka Internerd Exploder) have been outdated by competing programs.

There are magnificent examples in which the competitors were far better than the “original” and / or more “popular” ones (WinRAR and WinAce vs. WinZip, Kaspersky vs. Norton and McAfee, Opera and SeaMonkey vs. Internet Explorer, Samsung and Apple vs. Nokia, etc.).

For example, Free Foxit Reader allowed you to open multiple Tabs, change Tab positions, make Comments in the Text margins (and / or fill out Forms, and then Save the modified file), etc.

Adobe Reader only had the introduction of Tabs afterwards. As well as Adobe Updates tend to be quite painful and slow.

In the case of the PDF XChange PDF Viewer, the program may have been poorly programmed because having multiple Tabs open causes it to inconvenience the Operating System. Everything was strange, the Mouse, the Opening and Exiting of Programs, etc. The situation was very inconvenient.
On second thought, I believe there is one more culprit in this case... Fraps!

In the past, I contacted Fraps Staff to show System Requirements before I bought it.

They ended up adding such System Requirements. And, apparently and unfortunately, Fraps is not 100% compatible with Windows 10.

There are other programs that although they are old, are still “compatible” and do not even cause apparent problems in Windows 10. *phew* *whew*

Ugh! Well, I will not redo the test to see if Fraps and PDF XChange PDF Viewer can actually cause problems with Windows 10.
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