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Keywords found: "90's", "Shareware".

Search started: Duel on site

Duel 4.0 from Giga Games 5 CD found.

DUEL 4.0 - By Matt Ebel - REQUIRES: 386-dx40 Duel is a fast-paced, 2 player battle game designed to be run on ONE computer! Battle in a mine-filled, acid-covered, 4-level arena with weapons ranging from your trusty pistol to the 'body-blasting' bazooka! Travel up and down stairs, shoot through windows, fall through pits, all while blasting your best friend with poison grenades, rockets bombs, and more! Line-of-sight mode changes levels from fast-paced blood-baths to frantic search-and-destroy missions, and the Built in random-map-maker makes for endless hours of play! Character-based graphics adds ease and simplicity to creating a level, yet has complexity in game-play exceeding that of many sprite-based games.
ASCII - check
Multiplayer - check
Map Editor - check

Target found!

It is here by the way.
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