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Question Forgotten Zelda Type Game, Help! XD

Hi all,

I have been on a search for a couple of years for a top-down zelda-esk type game that I used to play maybe 15 years ago (1995-2005's ish).

I think the game ran on windows 98 and was a DOS game but I am not entirely sure. The colors were at least 16 color EGA, but may have been 256 VGA. The music was either MIDI or CD audio (definitely not PC Beeper, but could have been 8-bit).

On to what I remember specifically about the game (keep in mind that my memory is a bit cloudy):
It was a top-down zelda style hack and slash adventure game that may have been a demo. I remember fighting flame like hopping creatures in the main world with the song 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' playing in the background. There were lots of bridges and some crazy fast ghost-like creatures in some dungeons that would chase you upon being in their point of view (It was quite scary at the time I played it lololol). I vaguely remember a bridge which I couldn't cross as the creatures were way too powerful. I also remember starting in a village/town without any weapon until I spoke to someone who gave me a sword. There was one sided dialogue similar to many other rpgs.

Here is a list of games I have already looked at and believe not be the game in question:
- God of Thunder (Looks similar to this game)
- Goldenaxe Warrior (It also looks similar to this game, but its missing the hopping fire blobs, and 'in the hall of the mountain king' music)
- Neutopia (Not the right system, and looks a little different than what I am looking for)
- Golvellius (Again not the right system)

Knowing that this game is most likely a demo game, I searched for compilation demo discs that could have included the game. I remember having a couple of these types of discs at one time, which included demos for the games, Nethergate and Daisy's Garden 2.
Here are some of the discs I have looked at so far:
- MB2000
- 101 Greatest XP Games Vol. 2

Please let me know if you remember this game! I know that demo games are the type of game to be lost with time and trashed as abandon-ware, but I thought I would give this forum a chance to remember it.

Thank you for reading my post. I appreciate anyone's attempt to search for this game.

UPDATE: I found the backing for a CD case that may be for a software compilation disc we had all those years back. Perhaps this is the disc that contained Nethergate, Daisy's Garden, and the game I am looking for.
Here are a couple of photos

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