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Default Moonbase Alpha - The Abandonia Mission

I recently found this educational game called Moonbase Alpha. Simply put, you're in a moon doing tasks around the outpost, mostly fixing stuff. Its short, but kind of interesting for a NASA educational game and the moon does look pretty.

However, I want to try out the six people multiplayer. What does it bring to the game? All I know is that there's a different map. The purpose of this thread is to gather up a crew of six people, then we decide a date and then we shall go to the moon. Our mission: Do whatever the hell we want. In other words, we'll probably just dick around and try to be funny and play with the chat that turns all the text into speech.

What you need:
1. Steam account
2. Download the game.

No money or piracy needed, as Steam accounts dont require payment and this game is totally free.

So far I haven't gotten any straight answers from anyone, so all five spots are open. I'd also appreciate if we'd get someone who has a powerful enough rig to record gameplay.

As soon as I get 5 volunteers for this mission, we'll start talking about when and on who's timezone.
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