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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

Um, Mystvan, I am, so to speak, "technical specialist", and you could know it already, as I keep saying it in every occasion. I have, um, technically, powers of supermod and updater, but I rarely use it, because I got it as side-effect of my actions, not because I wanted them. And while there are "real" autorities, I am trying not to mess with site functions. It's simply not my area of knowledge, and my last update (that I messed somewhat) shown it too.
Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

I doubt it's the site and not the hack. I killed the "news", if it worth something.
Well, sorry for my insistence, but I think you could replace the absence of Admins and Updaters... Just my opinion.

Why? Because I believe it would be a matter of time before you had more experience and learning on how AB Forum works... Eureka! Because it is critical to have at least one active Mod and you have been the most active of them lately...

Ummm... I am not sure, but it looks like Grand Emperor Japodeis and Capotain *salute* are currently “missing” as they are visiting their Twinsen, Paco , on planet Twinsun...

And while WebSpace God of Hollande is probably Lost in WebSpace ... Or exploring the infinite and vastness of WebSpace Cosmic...
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