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Jesus Christ! Nichael,

I will try to keep it on topic like you like. I am not very smart and outgoing sociably usually in person so I don't know if I can be successful at it. However I will try like my mom tells me to and my dad too. I am sorry for any misunderstanding.

I just want to keep it simple by congratulating you on your success! I know many times I work hard and succeed I need recognition for my accomplishments. However it also upsets me when no one appreciates my work.

Thank you for helping out. Hopefully kdb150 will not take offense on me speaking for him. I am sure he appreciates you on this thread since it is your expertise.

Originally Posted by Nicheal View Post
Hi Folks!

Has anybody in here ever played the Logic Factories 2011 Android Version?
The Graphics look better, seems buggy, but is the AI better now?
Would be a Reason for me getting an iPad...

Tried that Sojurn Mod, does not work. Downloaded both, the no-CD
Ascendancy Version and the Antagonizer Patch. Own the Game itself,
but no-CD is better for me and my DOS-Box...

That Antagonizer had two Problems once, i think: No Internet available 1995,
and it does nothing better, but even worse. Yes, all the AI Enemies make
War, not Love, with the Human Player, but they love each other it seems...
Logic Factory thought perhaps, that will cause huger AI Fleets cause no
Ships are destroyed AI versus AI, that will cause much more Planet Buildings AI,
cause the less Effort of Ship-Building, and that will cause much more Science.

Wrong thought. Its boring that the AI makes War only versus Human Player,
and War AI versus AI moderns the destroyed AI Fleets, and builds up huger
AI Empires by Extinction of the others... and THAT causes huger AI Fleets,
much more Planet Buildings while the other Planets build Ships, and much
more Science... the Antagonizer is much more aggressive, but its Diplomacy
fails at last, and its Ship-Building is even worse, cause of the many Colonizer-
and Invader-only Ships. That all is my Opinion.

But what i wanted to say to you all, which dream about a better Ascendancy.
Try the NotePad-Editor and the Modification of the Ascend00.COB File.
There you can easily modify the whole Ship-Stuff, the whole Planet-Stuff,
Solar System Names, much more aggressive Diplomacy and so on!!!

My Ascendancy Mod is quite finished and a damned aggressive and super Game.
And what i dreamed about since 1996 when i played that classic Game first,
came true: These Enemies are damned aggressive like in Antagonizer,
but damned aggressive all versus all. I managed to create an Ascendancy Mod,
in which the damned stupid AI is even better than the Human Player, and while
its Ships are still damned stupid, ... or far beyond of even damned stupid...
it is a bit nasty being beaten by a huge AI Fleet and Weapons far better than the own...

i wanted to tell all the Ascendancy Fans out there: It is possible to modify
Ascendancy to get a much much much much better!!! Game.

And if there would be a legal Way to share my Ascendancy Mod with you,
i would do, cause a Dream came true!!!

My Mod is damned heavy and a real Joy and Challenge for an Ascendancy Fan like me...

O yes, and by the way... i use the original Ascend.exe, the no-CD Ascend.exe, and it is really great!
Jesus Christ! Bless GOD, Jesus Christ, Mary, and The Holy Spirit# Then bless my real mom Huong Thi Vu. Honours to my real mom Vu Thi Thuyen Huong and my real dad Nguyen Binh Thuy. Congratulations to my real two sisters Nguyen Khoa Thuyen and Nguyen Khoa Thi. I, Nguyen Khoa Tien, want to let you know thank you Nicheal. You did not always have a bad attitude. I see you were very happy here. Since it is a ESA protected game I could not share in your joy. However kdb150 has the game and both of you could talk about the mod since both of you know about it.

I see your post starts at #55/56.

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