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Originally Posted by rabada65120 View Post

Being an ardent DC fan, I would suggest reading ‘Knightfall’ - a 1993 comic book featuring the well known villain Bane for the first time and it includes Jean-Paul Valley (Azreal) as The Batman as well.

‘Preacher’ is truly one of the best comic books ever created. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon have done an amazing job and created characters and a story that will blow you away. Preacher ran for 65 issues and was published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC.

‘Batman : Whatever Happened to Caped Crusader’ , ‘Batman : Hush’ and ‘Batman : Noel’ are 3 of the best Batman stories I have come across. ‘Flashpoint’, ‘Blackest Night’ and ‘Batman : Arkham Asylum’ are also some decent titles.

‘Outcast’ by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta (creators of The Walking Dead) is an ongoing series which is worthy of mention.
Hmmm... Your username reminds me of a very tasty food... although it is highly caloric and oily...

Rabada... Maybe you are from Brazil, but Rabada (Oxtail in Sauce) reminds me of very tasty dishes such as Picadinho de Carne (Chopped Meat in Sauce), Carne Louca / Maluca (Mad Meat), Costela ao Molho (Rib in Sauce) e Frango ao Molho (Chicken in Sauce)...

I really enjoyed reading comics from Marvel Comics in the past, although I am no longer a fan of it today...

And curiously, my tastes are very peculiar:

I liked to read comics a lot more from Marvel Comics than DC Comics... Although I would much prefer the Cartoons (Batman, Superman, etc.) and Movies from DC Comics than Marvel Comics...

The reasons may be that I do not like the adaptations and alterations of stories and characters from Marvel Comics to Cinema and Cartoons.

Well, that is one of the reasons I hate the new Transformers movies... which do not remind me at all of the charismatic and nostalgic Transformers from the G1...

I remember well the quality of the comics of Thor (Mythology) by John Buscema, Conan, Eternals, Space Gods, Galactus by John Byrne, Fantastic Four by John Byrne, Daredevil by Frank Miller, Punisher, Avengers, Spiderman, etc. I just was not much fan of the X-Men (much hatred and persecution of mutants)...
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