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In the forum, a user asked about a role-playing game called Infinite Worlds, allegedly developed by Interplay, which that user has a beta of but could not find a full version. Some quick searching provided information that the game in question ended up as Demise: Ruse of the Ku'tan, but during development is was called Infinite Worlds and Mordor II: Darkness Awakening (the game is related to Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol).

What's interesting is that the beta versions of both Infinite Worlds and Mordor II are publicly available, and show the different stages of the game's development (among other things, it underwent a transition from 2D to 3D in the final game).

Infinite Worlds beta v0.993 is available from FilePlanet or StrategyInformer.

The beta versions of Mordor II are available from the official site:
Mordor II beta v0.991
Mordor II beta v0.992

Apparently, Mordor II, albeit at a beta stage, is quite playable, even though it's unstable at times.

A playable demo of the final product, Demise, is also available:
Demise demo v1.00 r2

The contents of the official Mordor & Demise demo disk also mention the demo of Demise with which is marked as 0.992 version r2, but I haven't been able to locate its download yet (if at all available).
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