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Talking SOS SOS

Pls, help me!
Where is my fail: I am unable to take any object(s) from the floor or in corps of killed enemies.
I tryed Grab mode and Steal mode pressing left or right button.
Last moment: I am in a hall with 7 skulls-like candles and a table. When I press the table, some cabinets in the hall angle moved, opened weapons or like. I try to take these ones, crouching, jumping - in vain..
Maybe You know howto..

Grateful yog

Ah, forget to inform that I am custom made character.
Yes, the Mage is very weak in the physical contact combat.
But now my magic points are just 30, in Mage class were 130.
If I have my team of 4 members - Mage/Fighter, Cleric/Paladin, Thief and Troll from Ravenloft 2...

ha ha ha
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