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He meant it's difficult playing a pure mage, not a pure warrior.

It's a piece of cake, anyway wait until you start coming across ancient lyches. One crazy thing about magic in this game is that it has no casting time requirement, if an enemy can cast several fireballs it will cast them in under a second. I HATE magic.

I hate RPGs where you just need magic or else you're toast. I quit playing Baldur's Gate II once every enemy was casting invulnerability at the start of every combat... Too bad, I liked my character, a female two-axe welding berserker with Charisma 18 called Dee Dee. <3

The 3D dungeon maps in Daggerfall were a good idea conceptually, but a bad one in practice at that time, specially considering how garbled they look in 320x200.

I quit playing Daggerfall without finishing it because beating those huge dungeons with those crazy maps was starting to feel like work, and because of the super-powerful magic-casting lyches and vampires I had started to come across. I guess in the long run you have to find some kind of magic or items or potions that give you resistance to spells.
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