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Originally Posted by Panthro View Post

What makes you say it will be full of bugs?
To be honest I'm the first one hoping against probability, but according to the referred and developed games, and especially the supposed genre (free roaming) it just cries for bugs.

To be honest I never seen a "free roaming" game without obvious bugs, especially if it is "no plot" game, like Oblivion or Morrowind.

Let me tell you why this is: these games ARE hugh. They also try not to limit the visitable areas in any way, so even lvl1 characters can at least run through all areas skipping the fights, but collecting quests, rewards and even items.
The result of compexity, hugh size, plus the fact you REALLY can go the way you want by design (this is where eg. Fallout 1-2, or Baldur's Gate escaped this fate) means tons of combinations.
Now each and any combination means a possible bug.

As a Real-Free Roaming game has no order of events in it, and the quests are basic-simple (many times they are even assembled randomly), this means the number of possible bugs just skyrocket, simply caused by the fact that the developers can't find order in their creation, so simply skip many things, resulting a buggy program.
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