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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
I did not play this game, but the screenshots look pretty interesting.

Grand Emperor Japo(deis) , I checked the Mobygames website, and it says that both the developer and the publisher of the game are the same: Monolith.

This game reminds me of some that I have played such as Commander Keen series and Dizzy series, but it seems that this game has puzzles to solve and fulfill the missions.

I am impressed that the (Mi)Lady of the Rings really write well-made and organized review. Maybe it is her very precious (Gollum! Gollum!) and born talent.


I also checked on the Wikipedia about the Gruntz entry and there also has information that the Developer and Publisher are the same Monolith.
Dear Myst,

Thanks for the info on Moby! Moby says it is a Windows game and it also correctly says Lemmings is a DOS game. However from experience waiting for the long download of 30 minutes through slow connections Gruntz is a Windows XP game. All you need to do is unzip and run Gruntz. If you ever get bored I suggest Gruntz and Lemmings to pass the time unless you have other games already. I do not and have all my DOS games missing mysteriously. So these two additions at the very least I am grateful to Jesus Christ for all my blessings!!!
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