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Well, there are numerous system problems, actually, Diamondfist and piroklasztit.

1. No one knows how exactly quiz works. And moreover, no one can fiddle with it's algorythms. Well, programmers at former Studentis probably can, but they are not very eager to answer.

But supposedly, it takes games from full published games database.

2. Unfortunately, site code is in the such state that it's virtually impossible to found anything in current site admin interface. Dave seems had much understanding of it, and maybe on his level it's more transparent. But for me, on the lower access level, it's only neverending lists, with the very limited abilities to edit them. And Dave is too rarely on site nowadays.

3. Each game can exist in 3 forms:

- "Original", English game;
- Translated entry with it's own individual name (it supposedly match with "original", but actually it's not always the case);
- "Orphaned" game that exist in database, but not connected with the "original".

I have no idea from what of this lists quiz pulls names. But if it's all three, in case of any discrepancy results can be weird.

4. Some symbols (basically, special ones, like ":", or "/", or quotes itself) confirmed as non-recognizable by quiz, even if they exist in the name. :/ They was removed from the names, supposedly, just for quiz purpose.

So, as you see, sources of the errors can be numerous. I am trying my best to remove what I can... but my abilities are limited. Sorry for that.
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