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I remember buying this game after playing Dune II to death. Finally, we all thought, there is another game like Dune II, and we proceeded to play this game to death as well. It's funny to think though, at the time, we also all thought of Warcraft as a simple Dune II clone and and Blizzard as minor gaming company, only capable of making clones of other games. Not much in the game was original besides the theme and setting and played pretty much like Dune II. It seemed to me at the time, they just wanted to capitalize on the popularity of Dune II and the the small and emerging RTS market.

Little did we realized Blizzard would grow to such heights and become a premier gaming company with many hits, but I still think, after all these years, if you first play Dune II, and then Warcraft I, you'll see more similarities than not. You have to remember Dune II was the only PC RTS game around at the time so comparison would inevitably happen. Anyway, Warcraft is a very fun game and in Warcraft II, will see Blizzard finally adding more polish and some cool ideas.

ALthough this does make me wonder about Blizzard, it seems they excel at polished games from already proven concepts rather than coming up with totally new ideas? Diablo = Rogue clone, Warcraft/Starcraft = Dune II clones, WoW = Everquest/MMORPG's clones... Have they made a totally original game? Not to take anything away from Diablo, any gaming company could learn a thing or two about making a game polished, playable and with good production values like Blizzard does.
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