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Default [HowTo] Get an integer-scaled, pixel-perfect picture at any resolution of your choice

No stretching - No automatic aspect ratios - No screen fitting - No monitor switching resolutions - Just pixel perfect display, at any game resolution you want - and your monitor stays at your desktop's native resolution!

The purpose of this installation is as follows: Every dosgame has a different native resolution and aspect ratio. Therefore we need a proper _dosbox.conf in each game folder to get pixel-perfect scaling. My .conf is setup in such a way, that running it for the first time it will use the game's native resolution... And then YOU DO THE SCALING MANUALLY.

So... If native 3:2 game resolution was 360x240 ... and you multiply with 3 to get 1080x720. This way you can upscale yourself to any resolution you want, even 3240x2160 if you wanted 1 pixel become 9x9 pixels. But your monitor won't switch resolutions, it stays at your desktop's.

I've compiled a portable, standalone package of my DosBox, that doesn't interfer with any versions of your own that you might have installed. Just unzip and follow instructions.!txMUUYCQ!B2s6DZO0l...7qgGMhKxE9F31s

This thread can be used by fellow Abandonia members to help each other finding out how it works hehe

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