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Default Dudes, turn it into income!

Hey guys,

I'm a long time user although I'm not active in the community. But as soon as I finished reading the new issue I had to reach out to you.

First, issue is very good. I (and the whole community, I suppose) really appreciate all the effort put into it. The same goes to the previous issues.

Now moving straight to the point: this site depends on its visitors to generate traffic and income from ads (sorry, I use adblock - there are too many ads). Nowadays, most traffic comes from social networks and search engines. To be ranked higher on search engines, and therefore receive more web traffic, sites must have unique content. Abandonia has mostly game pages, which is a type of content that's very hard to become unique. Now, Abandonia Times has incredible unique content - such as the interviews - and search engine crawlers are always eager to collect and index this content.

Bottom line is: the magazine should be available as HTML pages on the site, allowing it to be crawled by search engines, which in turn will generate more search results for Abandonia and consequently more traffic. More traffic = more ad income. More income = more Abandonia.

Hope you understand, it's killing me to see such an opportunity being wasted.
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